Old Dog

Old Dog

‘In the last days,’ God says,
      ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
   Your sons and daughters will prophesy.
      Your young men will see visions,
      and your old men will dream dreams.'” – Acts 2:17 (NLT)

I’m 57 years old. Hold on to that for a minute…. I’m not young or even “middle aged” anymore. If I were middle aged that would mean I was about to live to 114! I guess that makes me what people call an “old dog” and you know what they say about old dogs…you can’t teach ’em new tricks. Thank God, I am finding out lately that old adage isn’t necessarily true.

In my 57 years, 41 of which have been as a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have no way of counting how many times I have read in and through the Bible. It seemingly doesn’t matter, because each time I pick it up and read, the Holy Spirit seems to reveal something to me, just as though I had never seen it before and even as though it had only recently been inserted there, just for me to read. Similarly, this old dog is being taught some new tricks that are useful to me and thus to others in ministry.

I serve on a church staff at Lifepoint Church that is manned by folks, some of whom are more than half my age.  In fact I am older than some of their parents!  I watch them go about their jobs, their ministries, their lives and with their families, and honestly sometimes I think to myself, “Why couldn’t I have been more like them when I was their age?”  To restate the previous sentence more clearly and more purpose, I deeply admire them.  I admire their integrity and  character and I want to learn from them.  I see their hearts for Jesus and His Church and others, and I find I want to be more like them.  Each day I am around them, I am able to see and to catch the vision and passionate desire God has given them to “Love God, Love Others and Serve the World,” and I learn from them.  Their love and devotion to the Lord and to their callings is contagious and it affects me profoundly and it makes me desire to be more like them, because each day I see them following hard after and becoming more like Jesus.  I am grateful that God is using these young pups to teach this old dog new tricks and re-teach him some old lessons that he needs to relearn.

Most of all, by teaching me these lessons even as I grow older, the Lord assures me that He is not yet done with me.  I am not too old… I am not too weak… I am not unusable as long as I continue to be teachable and only He can enable me to do and be all of those things.  Maybe… just maybe this “old dog’ still has a few tricks left and if God will allow it, still use him to teach His way to some “new dogs” along the way toward Home.


2 Responses to “Old Dog”

  1. December 14, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    such a great post and such sweet words. 🙂 You’re so awesome Pastor Eddie!

  2. 2 Carol Gerock
    December 15, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Good blog, Eddie. Even “old dogs” need to be fed. It is interesting about old age, we are thankful for what life has taught us, but would like the energy of youth. Love you.

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