I’ve Been Thinkin’…


It seems that the direction that the Lord has been leading in in recent days has been one of contemplation…of reflection and examination and of quietly listening for and to His voice.  As a consequence, I have of course been praying, but my prayers have been more meditative and a product of listening rather than speaking and my thoughts have been filled by His beckoning voice…I”ve been less transmittor and more reciever.  I thought I might share a few of what I’ve been “thinkin’ ’bout:”

  • Calling.  Specifically in the Greek, the word, “klesis” which is found in Ephesians 4:1.  It seems “calling” is the one word which is central to my own personal calling and ministry and the focus of Foremost Ministries.  In short, every follower of Christ has a calling….what is it…how is it applied to our lives…and what are we doing to (in Paul’s words) live lives “worthy” of that call.
  • Knowing.  In Philippians 3, Paul discusses his willingness, desire and even passion to dispose of everything in his life that once was of value to him in order to “know” Christ.  He uses some terms in describing those past things.  Eugene Peterson’s translation in the Message comes closest calling them “dog dung.”  The original Greek is a little more colorful (slang) and would probably get us thrown out of most traditonal churches for expressing it that way.  I’ve been wondering if my own desire to “know” Jesus more intimately extends as far as Paul’s in that he seems eager to even share in Christ’s sufferings in order to establish a more intimate relationship…. to know Him more deeply and intimatley.   We want to enjoy the benefits of knowing Christ…what about the “taking up” of the Cross…drinking from the “cup” that He begged the Father to remove from Him?
  • Prayer.  Specifically Matthew 7:7-11.  Most study Bibles and commentaries I read say that in this passage Jesus is talking specifically about how to pray effectively.  It has occured to me that perhaps even more importantly, He is describing what mutual communication looks like in a healthy parent/child relationship.
  • Trials.  I am wondering how often we might mistake areas of discomfort and trial, ascribing these as attacks of the Adversary rather than discipline and correction from our Advocate.  Example:  Spurgeon was a reknowned depressive.  He came to understand his darkest days and most melancholic times as being prophetic precursors for an inevitable outpouring of blessing and great joy from God on his ministry for God’s greater glory.
  • Humility.  Ironic, how if some one tells you how humble they are, chances are they ain’t!  For me it seems increasingly apparent that humility is not something that we achieve, so much as we recieve.  We seem much more likely to be humble after we are confronted with circumstances for which we have been humbled.  And yet it is this very model in Christ which Paul calls us to immitate in our Lord (Philippians 2:1-11).

These are just examples of what I’m thinking about these days and what I am confident God is teaching me through the contemplation of them.  So…..what’s on your mind?


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