The Four-Fold Function of Foremost Ministries:


(1)    It is an Rescue Ministry (1 Timothy 1:12-16)


The first and primary function of Foremost is to make the Lord’s grace and salvation known and available to all people, and especially to those whose guilt and shame has led them to believe they are unworthy of Christ’s mercy and forgiveness.


(2)    It is a Revival Ministry (2 Chronicles 7:14-16; Psalm 85:6)


The second functional goal of Foremost Ministries is to extend to the Body of Christ the call to revival, and to realize and activate the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit within the Church in fulfilling her calling, ministry and responsibility to a reach a broken and suffering world.  Foremost Ministries believes such a revival cannot be contained within the walls of a church building, or be limited to an particular religious institution or denomination, but will unify and strengthen all believers in Christ for the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.     


(3)    It is a Restoration Ministry (Luke 15: 11-32; Galatians 6:1-3; James 5:19-20)


The third, and no less important, function of Foremost Ministries is for restoring the faith of those who once believed and followed, but have wandered away from Christ and His teachings.  It has rightly been said that we in the Church have often been guilty of “shooting our wounded.”  Worse than that, we are more often guilty of ignoring them to death.  Our intent is to reach out to even the worst of “prodigals” with the same mercy, grace and healing that our Savior extends to us.    


(4)    It is a Reinforcement Ministry (Proverbs 4:23; 1 Timothy 6:20-21)


Finally, it is the goal of Foremost Ministries to encourage, enable and reinforce the ministries of those who are called by God to lead His Church.  Through effective teaching, counseling, and personal testimony, Foremost Ministries seeks to reinforce and emphasize to pastors, staff, teachers and lay leaders the importance of fervently safeguarding the integrity and sacredness of the charge that the Lord has entrusted to them.


2 Responses to “function”

  1. 1 patrickandchristy
    May 4, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I love you brother Eddie and thank you for sharing something so intimate that will glorify God and touch many because of your willingness to share. When we give testimonies, not only do will glorify God and build up the Body with them, we send a spiritual echo reverberating through the spiritual realms that proclaims the Victory we walk in through Christ Jesus and we strip satan and his dominions of their power over us and any situation in which he has held us in bondage. We lift Christ up in our lives and place darkness under our feet with our testimonies. Know that God allowed satan to work in your life during that time but that He never took His Hand off of you and forbid satan from fully destroying you because He knew the purpose He had for your life and knew the preparation you would need to rise up and be a warrior for Him. If you allow your spirit to ponder this, I know you will be taken back to that exact moment in the near past that God told satan, “Enough! The time has come and you must take your claws out of him for now is My time and he has much work to do for me. Be gone!” And he was. You felt it and knew the darkness was gone. Now get to work brother. Get to work!!!!

  2. 2 Eddie Williams
    May 5, 2010 at 3:32 am

    Thank you Patrick, and I recieve your encouragement as more than simply kind words. I hear in them the prophetic voice of our Lord. You are correct about the work before me, and I’m ready to get at it, knowing that the work is not mine but His. Also the strength to do that work is not in me apart from the empowerment of His Spirit. Brother, I desire and I need the prayers of believers like you, as I hear and obey our Lord’s call to “Get to work!” Blessings on you, on your family, and on your ministry!

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