So That Everyone Gets the Message

“Arise, shine;  For your light has come!  And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.” -Isaiah 60:1 (NKJV)

Ever see two bulls in the same pen? They paw the ground. They huff and stomp the ground. They challenge each other and finally end up slamming into each other. The biggest and baddest one gets the herd, but the other one often ends up with something that will be ultimately important to him…he learns…he gains experience, for the future.
That’s how it was when I first met Joe Carr, my dear friend and pastor of The Message, a new church plant in Leland, North Carolina. Oh my did we slam heads! Why? Because I was just emerging from my own vortex of religiosity, churchianity, traditionalism and intellectualized belief. Joe had already been there, taken his wounds and had emerged refreshed, healed and ready for war with the Enemy. Joe challenged me. He challenged my theology. He challenged my systematized orthodoxy. He challenged my faith. Joe Carr was a challenge for me the way that he is a challenge for others, because Joe has been challenged by the Holy Spirit within him. He long ago made the decision to answer that challenge and to answer the call to more than the mundane, and the traditional and to pursue with wild-eyed abandon the higher places of service where Christ was already at work.
When people ask me about Joe, my usual response is, “He makes my head hurt.” He causes my head to ache, not because I slam it into his anymore (I quickly learned better), but because he inspires me to think on a level about God, the Gospel of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the power of the Holy Spirit in ways that I had never concieved of before I met him. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Joe is that he draws and attracts people, not to himself but to his Lord Jesus and introduces us to Him, not only as the Suffering Savior, but as the Conquering King of Kings. And, he does this in the most humble of manners and never with arrogance or bluster.
Now Joe, along with another of my dearest and best friends Paul Tyndall, is about to embark on a brand new adventure in the Kingdom of God. They are planting a new church. If I know anything about Joe and Paul (and I’m pretty sure I do), this is going to be a thing of nothing less than sheer excellence. This is going to be a thrill ride! Not a roller coaster kind of ride, because they go up and down. The Message Church is going to be a intercontinental missile launch straight up into higher atmospheres and with such g-forces, that hearts will speed up and heads will spin. This going to happen, not because of their considerable talents and giftedness, but because of what they believe about the Lord, His Bride and His unimaginable power, and how He can transform lives and heal bodies, hearts and souls.
Want to see a preview of what all of this is going to look like? Do a Google of the signs and miracles of the Bible, print out the list, and then go read about them in the Word of God. Hold on Leland! Everyone is going to get The Message!

2 Responses to “So That Everyone Gets the Message”

  1. February 25, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Good stuff Eddie! Excited for you guys! Prayin for ya’ll.

  2. 2 Eddie Williams
    February 26, 2010 at 3:09 am

    Well, thanks Rebekah, but Barb and I have decided to continue the work we feel the Lord has led us to at Lifepoint. I am extremely excited about The Message Church. As you know, my friendship with both Joe and Paul is deep, and it would be a genuine honor to stand with them in this plant. Joe has been a mentor, and Paul has seen me through some of the most trying times in my life. But after we have prayed, and sought the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we both feel that our work at Lifepoint has not ended. Of course, at the same time I am going to do everything in my power to help Joe, Paul and Ted to be successful and to help them make sure that “everyone gets the Message.”

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